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Site Safety Audits
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Site Safety Audits

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. (TSSI) understands the importance of protecting your greatest asset, your workers; and, we are committed to providing your company with the very best safety and health advice available to help you improve your company’s Safety and Health Management System and demonstrate your commitment to a safe work environment.

TSSI’s well-trained, highly competent safety experts serve many industries and can provide your company with the most up-to-date world-class solutions to minimize your potential risks and losses.

TSSI will help your company make reasonable assessments of hazards and deficiencies to promptly eliminate problem conditions. Our Site Safety Audit Program will not only serve to protect safety and health, but it will also put your company in a position of being able to demonstrate due-diligence in your regulatory compliance efforts; thereby, building credibility with your clients, customers, stakeholders, and workers alike. TSSI’s safety audits will help you identify the deficiencies in your company’s Safety and Health Management System, identify the hazardous areas at your facilities and jobsites and will provide you with a basis for making those necessary corrections.

As workplaces have become more complex, TSSI’s Onsite Safety Audit Program will provide your company with a significant tool for monitoring regulatory compliance and identifying potential safety and health hazards in the workplace. TSSI can audit your jobsites and thereby find and resolve problems before they cause injuries, illnesses or fatalities and/or become legal liabilities.

Once we have gathered information, TSSI’s trained workplace safety consultants will not only help you identify the existing hazards and deficiencies, but we will also evaluate the information, make our assessments, then create a formal report. The report will detail our safety consultant’s findings; it will include pictures referencing those findings; and then we will provide you with recommendations to abate those hazards, identify costly trends that need to be eliminated and then provide you with a full risk-rated narrative report detailing operations, exposures, controls and providing recommendations then reference the relevant standards and/or regulations. The report, therefore, typically contains not only descriptions of what we find, but also an analysis of those findings, and TSSI’s advice about corrective action to be taken.

TSSI also uses a rating system at each onsite safety audit, which can be used by your company’s upper level management to see where your safety deficiencies and risks lie as well as help you foster a competitive, fun spirited work environment for your workforce.

If at any time during our service with your company you have any questions about how to deal with situations, we want to make ourselves available to assist you in your efforts, thereby creating an ongoing relationship between your company and us. We will get to know you and will be in the very best position to help you in the event that a critical issue does arise.

The goal of TSSI’s Site Safety Audits is to provide your company with information based on our findings at your facilities and/or projects to ensure your workers are safe and free from any recognized hazards that could cause injury and provide your company with the proper documentation to ensure that your company is in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. Call Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. today to see how you can get started improving the safety and health of your workers at your facilities/projects.