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On Site Safety Professional

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc.’s (TSSI) On-Site Safety Professional Staffing Program is a unique arrangement to provide our clients with highly qualified and experienced workplace Safety Management Consultants to staff and manage the day-to-day safety and health activities of your short or long-term projects, or to supplement your team when additional safety support and representation is needed on a contract basis. TSSI provides onsite safety evaluation of your existing Safety Programs, and then will submit recommendations according to site requirements to meet the safety needs of the contract.

TSSI’s On-Site Safety Management Consultants have diverse backgrounds and many years of experience with onsite safety management on a wide-range of projects and will provide you with an expert resource to assure your company’s in compliance with local, state and federal regulations, and more importantly, to protect your workers.

TSSI’s On-Site Safety Management Consultant will work with your onsite supervisor’s to will plan, implement, coordinate and supervise the site-specific safety program in accordance with your corporate and contractual policies and procedures. We will act with authority of the most senior manager on site with regards to safety matters. TSSI's On-Site Safety Management Consultant will identify and assess the hazards and potential risks in the field, determine potential corrective action solutions, and work with your onsite supervision and personnel to ensure timely action is taken to abate hazards. We will control hazardous working conditions and unsafe employee activities through safety management processes (disciplinary action program, if needed). We will conduct timely and relevant safety meetings. Our On-Site Safety Management Consultant will accompany all compliance inspectors (EPA, OSHA, Insurance, etc.) on walk-through tours of the project.

Our On-Site Safety Professionals will develop, implement and maintain all project safety and health recordkeeping and documentation of all activities conducted to ensure a safe and healthful workplace, including:

- Daily onsite audits of your facilities/projects;

- Perform new worker site-specific safety orientations;

- Maintain all records to comply with project requirements and/or OSHA requirements;

- Develop, maintain, and conduct Job Hazard Analysis’ (JHA’s) to ensure each worker is     aware of the hazards, understands the risks, and knows how to establish controls;

- Perform onsite safety training;

- Conduct weekly/monthly toolbox talks;

- Issue, track, and maintain all work permits (i.e. Hot Work Permits, Confined Space     Permits, etc.);

- Investigate each accident/incident and prepare a written investigation report for each     incident that involves injury, damage, near miss, high severity safety deficiency or     other occurrences;

- Develop a Root Cause Analysis report that summarizes the incident, identifies the     underlying contributing factor(s) determines which process element failed to control     the incident, determine which process element(s) will be improved or implemented,     and the time needed to take corrective action(s).;

- Document all medical logs that pertain to any accident/incident that occurs onsite.

  The goal of TSSI’s On-Site Safety Professional Staffing program is to staff your company’s projects with highly qualified, well-trained Safety Professionals to provide world-class safety management solutions. Call Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. today to see how you can get started improving the safety and health at your facilities and on your projects.