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Manufacturing Safety

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. (TSSI) works with many diverse manufacturers and can help ensure that each of your workers are protected and working in a safe manner. TSSI understands that workplace safety is an essential element to the success of your business and we work hard to implement best practice solutions, so you demonstrate ethical responsibilities to your workforce.

TSSI is a safety, health and environmental consultant that can ensure your workplace environment demonstrates proper workplace safety practices.

If you’re like most business owners/managers, then you’re mostly concerned with the day-to-day operations of the business and don’t have a lot of time to deal with the safety, health and environmental issues that come up in your facilities on a regular basis, and/or you don’t have the time to obtain the necessary training to implement best practice solutions at your facility.

TSSI makes it a point to be an expert in nothing other than workplace safety, health and environmental matters by staying up-to-date with the new and updated laws, regulations, standards, and best practice solutions. We have the expertise to look at your operations and know where your greatest risks are and how to make the necessary improvements to bring your company into compliance; thereby, demonstrating your due diligence and building better credibility with your workforce, clients and customers.

TSSI also understands that as a business owner, you want the very best for your workers, especially when it comes to their safety and health, so TSSI can help you ensure that your workforce is working in an environment that is risk-free. We are there to help you make the necessary changes to ensure your workers are not exposed to hazards that may cause personal injury.

TSSI also understands that many companies feel hiring a safety consultant is an unnecessary expense only to be borne out of need to comply with local, state and federal regulations; however, that is not the case. When you hire TSSI to help you improve the workplace safety and health at your facilities, we can actually help you improve your bottom line.

TSSI can develop and implement safety programs that will reduce your general liability insurance premiums because you have hired a reputable third-party safety and health consultant.

TSSI’s safety programs are designed to reduce the present risks at your facilities so you’ll have fewer accidents and injuries because your workforce will have a safer work environment. In turn, the quality of your work will be improved through fewer worker turn overs, injuries, and absenteeism, which also reduce your workers comp insurance claims; thereby, reducing your workers comp insurance premiums.

The safety and health of your workers should not be taken lightly. Call Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. today to see how you can get started improving the safety and health of your workers, improving the quality of work and your bottom line; and, building better credibility with clients, customers and most importantly your workers.