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Construction Site Safety
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Construction Site Safety

On Site Safety Professional Staffing

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc.’s (TSSI) On-Site Safety Professional Staffing Program is a unique arrangement to provide our clients with well-trained safety professionals who are qualified and experienced to staff and manage the day-to-day safety and health activities on your project. Every TSSI Safety Professional is accredited with professional certifications, certificates of achievement, education, and many years of experience to assure each of our clients that TSSI’s Safety Professionals have the proper credentials in the field of Workplace Safety to meet your needs. TSSI can supplement your project staff when additional safety support is needed to meet minimum safety requirements; such as, on governmental projects, Corp. of Engineer projects, and/or to meet OCIP requirements on a contractual basis. We are equipped to handle your short-term; as well as, your long-term project needs.

While on your projects TSSI will provide technical advice to the project staff for all safety issues. Our Safety Professionals are trained to conduct daily safety audits to ensure policies and procedures are being properly implemented; Provide daily observation reports of our findings, then make recommendations for changes to working practices that are safe and comply with project safety requirements, and current safety and health legislation. TSSI’s Safety Professionals will develop and conduct safety meetings and training presentations for the entire project; Conduct project risk assessments to identify potential hazards and consider how risks can be reduced. Each Safety Professional is properly trained to provide your company with monthly management reports, and we will be onsite to liaise with your company insurance carriers, OSHA and other federal, state and local agencies.

On Site Safety Surveys / Audits

TSSI can also provide your company with regularly scheduled onsite safety surveys and evaluations of your existing Safety Programs, submit recommendations according to site requirements to meet the safety needs of your contracts.

TSSI uses a rating system at each audit, which can be used by your company’s upper level management to see where your safety deficiencies and risks are; as well as, help you foster a competitive, fun spirited work environment for your workforce.

Our trained Safety Professionals will not only help you identify the existing hazards, but will also give you recommendations to abate those hazards, identify costly trends that should be eliminated and then provide your company with a full risk-rated narrative report detailing potential risks, exposures, controls and providing recommendations for changes to working practices that are safe and comply with current safety and health legislation.

Comprehensive Safety Training

TSSI has developed a series of safety and health training Courses, beginning with "What Every Supervisor Must Know about OSHA", and a "Workplace Safety and Health Course" dealing with walk/work surfaces, electrical safety, materials handling, fall protection, scaffolds, excavation, rigging and many more, that focus its attention on meeting your specific needs through the different training Courses we offer.

TSSI's safety Courses provide your workers with an up-to-date knowledge of workplace safety to promote safer more confident workers, reduce injuries, and promote more efficiency on the project; as well as, meet and exceed State, OSHA, MSHA and other federal regulations. Our workplace safety training programs can be customized and conducted at your location. Each Course participant receives a Certificate of Completion as well as a wallet card for every Course they successfully complete. Employers receive a copy of the Course records, signed attendance rosters, copies of Completion Certificates and wallet cards.

TSSI also provides some of our most popular Courses in an open-enrollment format at various locations. To find a location near you Contact Us.

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. has been effectively managing the safety for many large construction companies to help them improve their safety culture and project safety excellence. Call TSSI today to see how we can provide your company with highly qualified well-trained safety professionals to effectively manage the safety on your projects, provide you with effective detail-oriented safety audits, or just provide you with state-of-the-art comprehensive safety training.