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Scaffold Competent Person - Masonry, Supported, Suspended and Aerial Lifts Course
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Scaffold Competent Person - Masonry, Supported, Suspended and Aerial Lifts Course | Training Courses | Thomas Safety Solutions Inc

Scaffold Competent Person - Masonry, Supported, Suspended and Aerial Lifts Course

Course Description:

This Scaffold Competent Person Course is intended for individuals designated as The Scaffold Competent Person, by their employer, to ensure scaffolds are erected properly and worked on safely. This Course will cover the OSHA Scaffold Standards, and is designed to provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively understand scaffold hazards and how to mitigate them. This Course will also cover Residential Scaffold issues such as Pump Jack operations.

Course Objective:

This Course is a hazard recognition Course for scaffold users, foreman, superintendents, project engineers, jobsite competent persons, jobsite safety coordinators and others involved in the construction industry.

Course Topics:

General Requirements of Subpart L;

Responsibilities of The Scaffold Competent Person;

Five Major Hazards While Working on Scaffolds;

Hazards Related to Scaffold Erection and Use, Access, and Egress;

Supported Scaffolds;

Suspended Scaffolds;

Other Types of Scaffolds Covered by Subpart L;

Nature of Electrical Hazards, Fall Hazards, and Falling Object Hazards;

Personal Fall Arrest Systems;

Scaffold Training Requirements;

Total Hours: 4 Hours

There is an exam at the end of this Course, which requires a minimum score of 70% or better to pass. Upon successful Course completion, participants will receive a certificate and a Course completion card from Thomas Safety Solutions. Call for pricing, specific topics needed, or if you need special scheduling.

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We have also combined our Scaffold Competent Person Course with our 6 hour Fall Protection Competent Person Course to bring you added value if you need to both.

Total Hours: 10 Hours

Fall Protection-Scaffold Registration Form


    - Inspections and Duties of a Competent Person

    - The Effects of Wind Forces on Scaffolds

    - The Most Common OSHA Violations of Scaffolds

    - Identify, Control and Correct Scaffold Hazards

    - Safe Work Practice

    - Falls and Falling Object Protection

    - Definitions that Apply to Scaffolding

    - Conventional Methods of Fall Protection

    - Other Methods of Fall Protection

    - Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Systems

    - Equipment Inspections and Maintenance

    - Types and Components of a Properly Erected Scaffold

    - The New Residential Fall Protection Directive

    - Handling an OSHA Compliance Inspection at your Scaffolding Site

    - And much, much more!

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