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Professional Curriculum Vitae for Maryann Thomas | Thomas Safety Solutions Inc

Maryann Thomas


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Partner / Operations Manager / Safety Consultant

Military Service

In 1982, Maryann enlisted in the US Air Force and served for fourteen years, which included deployment as a Medical Technician in Desert Storm.


Maryann Thomas is a Partner, Operations Manager and Safety Consultant for Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. She is an experienced safety and risk management professional, managing and overseeing safety programs for large construction companies, construction projects and general industry clients.

She worked as the Senior Medical Secretary for the University of Pennsylvania’s Medical Center for 6 years prior to her joining Thomas Safety Solutions Inc. in 2008.

Her educational background is in the medical industry with extensive training in the field of safety. Before joining Thomas Safety Solutions, in August, 2008, she worked in the marine industry where she managed human resources and assisted in the development and management of the safety program for 12 years.

Maryann’s responsibilities include the coordination of Safety Training Programs, providing general safety consulting services such as Risk Evaluation and Job Safety Analysis; Conducting Comprehensive Safety Training Courses, including Safety Management Leadership Training; and OSHA Mediation Representation for claims and violations.

Maryann provides services in Texas, Amarillo, Dallas, Houston; Florida; Georgia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Virginia; Maryland; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Alabama; and, Louisiana.

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