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- Thomas Safety Solutions Inc Mission Statement

To serve companies of all sizes, in all industries, by providing ‘World-Class Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Solutions’; evaluating, developing, and administering comprehensive safety and health management systems that help reduce the tragic and costly accidents, injuries and illnesses that take the lives of our workers in the U. S. every day.

- "Putting Safety To Work For You"

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. (TSSI) is committed to “Putting Safety To Work For You”. With our assistance you can provide a safer work environment for your employees, and an increased knowledge of occupational safety and health throughout your workforce.

We provide world-class workplace safety and health management solutions, preventing costly losses and significantly reducing the net costs associated with accidents and injuries. 

Good safety management is good for business and can improve profits through reduction of losses, insurance premiums, litigation costs and negative publicity.

- Proactive Safety Management

TSSI uses a proactive safety and health management approach to accident prevention, which helps you achieve an increased production, and an increased profitability.

The main goal of TSSI’s proactive safety management approach is to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling potential hazards in the workplace environment, which cause incidents/accidents that take the lives of our workers each and every day. By developing corrective measures, TSSI can help your company control hazards by reducing or eliminating the exposures to those hazards. 

Once TSSI quantifies the exposures, we can establish controls based on actual exposures to control and/or eliminate the hazards and prevent injuries and illnesses. 

TSSI’s well-trained and qualified health and safety consultants will help your company by: 

    - Serving to identify, evaluate, and quantify hazardous exposures at your workplaces; 

    - Prioritizing those workplace hazards in order to assign resources that will control or        eliminate those hazards; therefore;

    - Proactively prevent Injuries from occurring.

  TSSI’s proactive safety management surveys are performed to identify and evaluate employee exposures to hazards in the workplace. Using the information discovered during our visits to your facilities/jobsites, TSSI can develop and implement a health and safety plan for your company to prevent injuries from occurring. 

TSSI is backed up with over 28 years’ experience in management services and over 18 years’ experience developing, implementing and managing safety and health management solutions for both general industry and the construction industry. We understand the challenges of managing workplace safety and health. 

Call us today and let one of our professional Workplace Safety Consultants help your company experience the safety excellence you desire by "Putting Safety To Work For You" today!

Meet Our Safety Management Team

Thomas Safety Solutions Inc
Texas: 2400 SW 7th Ave, Ste #255, Amarillo, TX, 79106
Florida: 1325 Church St, Pierson, FL, 32180  

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Toll Free Office:
(866) 735-SAFE(7233)
Office: (386) 749-9262
Fax: (386) 749-4206

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