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Safety Management


Safety Management

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. (TSSI) can help you achieve safety excellence by helping you develop and implement a strong safety culture.  TSSI understands that a strong safety culture starts at the top.


Though managing the safety, health and environmental matters are not the CEO, President or owner’s primary responsibility of an organization, it is the leadership of an organization that sets the tone for the safety culture of any organization.  The culture of your company informs and influences the beliefs and values of your organizational safety culture.


TSSI can help you get the leadership of your company get on board with up-to-date safety practices and solutions that build and maintain a strong culture in safety, health and environmental matters.


TSSI’s insights are based on years of working with many organizations to transform their safety leadership systems; thereby, changing its organizational safety culture.


The Safety Management Systems (SMS) developed by TSSI are comprehensive and designed to manage the safety and health elements of your company.  Our SMS are used by many industries that manage significant safety, health and environmental risks, including manufacturing, oil & gas, construction, electrical generation utilities, and more.


Our SMS will help your company develop a systematic way to identify and manage the hazards at your facilities and effectively control the risks associated with those hazards.


TSSI understands that every company has an implied moral obligation to ensure that its work activities are safe and is familiar with the legislative requirements in almost every jurisdiction throughout the United States.  We have the experience and expertise to develop an SMS to reduce the financial exposure of your company by reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with the hazards and risks at your facilities that cause accidents and incidents.


The elements of TSSI’s Safety Management Systems will:

  • Establish how your company is set up to manage hazardous risks;
  • Identify the hazards and risks that are inherent at your facilities and implent appropriate controls to mitigate the hazards and risks;
  • Implement effective communication strategies that are suitable for your organizational structure;
  • Develop and implement systems to identify and control non-conformities; and then,
  • Develop, implement and maintain a process of continual improvement.


Safety Management Systems

TSSI believes that the most important part of your Safety Management System begins with Management’s Leadership.  Since safety is culture driven and management establishes and creates the culture of your organization, your leaders must drive the safety culture within your organization.  The Safety Management System developed by TSSI is based on requirements for your management to attain superior results through an effective policy statement; defining specific roles; assigning responsibilities and authority; providing resources and establishing accountability; obtaining employee participation; relating management leadership to preventing serious injuries; and, drive a culture of continuous improvement.


TSSI also believes that effective management leadership that drives a culture of safety is the only way that employee participation can feasibly be gained.  A culture of safety is reality and must be perceived at every level of your organization to be effective.  Call Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. today to discuss how we can help your company develop an effective Safety Management System to improve the overall safety for your company.


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