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Oil and Gas Safety

Oil and Gas Industry

Safety has become one of the most crucial aspects of the oil and gas industry. Through the years, the industrial culture in the workplace has changed to closer oversee and manage safety to prevent injuries and accidents from occurring. According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), safety has become a “core value for the oil and natural gas industry” and the API is working tirelessly to improve safety in the industry, and says its efforts are paying off.

Today, an organization’s culture is measured by its leadership, management, supervision, and its core values. Peer pressure within your organization affects the outcome of your workplace design, conditions and production logistics. Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. (TSSI) is a provider of specialized safety, health and environmental services for the oil and gas industry and we’re in a unique position to provide your company with new solutions in safety, health and environmental related matters that target the safety culture of your organization to prevent injuries and accidents. We help you set proper safety expectations right up front and train your workers accordingly, so your workers don’t have to worry about getting hurt and can be free to perform their work without fear of injury. TSSI’s consultants know and understand the hazards and risks that come from working in remote and complex locations. TSSI can help your company address the risks by performing risk assessments to properly mitigate the hazards found on your sites.

TSSI has an “On-Site Safety Professional Staffing Program” to staff and manage the safety at your sites with properly trained safety consultants that understand the risks of working in remote locations to manage the day-to-day safety and health activities on your projects. Each TSSI safety consultant will provide complete project safety management, including: daily oversight; regular site audits; daily and as needed (throughout the day) Job Hazard/Safety Analysis; project safety program analysis and development; evaluate and assess the safety, health and environmental risks at your sites; establish Emergency Response Plans, by establishing relationships with local emergency response services to ensure the safety of your workers. TSSI can also provide liaison services with local, state and federal government regulatory authorities, including: EPA, OSHA and/or MSHA.

While on your sites, each TSSI professional safety consultant will:

- Record all observations and conditions at your sites;

- Ensure that each deficient safety observation is corrected and/or controlled     immediately;

- Review and ensure proper closure of all unresolved (“open issues”) observations.

TSSI’s goal is to work with Oil & Gas companies at their remote and complex locations to ensure their sites are safe and free from recognized hazards that cause injuries and fatalities to our workers. Call Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. today to see how we can enhance your safety programs and improve the safety and health of your workers.

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